Monday, August 15, 2011

Mr Kitly (2)

Installation view
Installation View. Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins. 'Mask – Red tears' Recycled Denim, Papier Mache, Kid Leather, Silver-lined Czech Glass Beads, Silk Thread. 'Skull' Recycled denim and silk thread. 'Denim and leather neckpiece' Recycled denim, Kangaroo leather lacing.

John Brooks
Dell Stewart 'Denim scarf' and 'X marks the spot'. John Brooks, 'Engineered Cape' Cotton and reclaimed denim. Brett Day Windham 'Mined Denim' Recycled denim, denim home insulation, bamboo, sinew, string, plastic, glue, spray paint, foam.

Installation view
Installation View, Jennifer Bartholomew, ‘The Powerful Percheron’s of Nimes’
Terrracotta, recycled denim, linen thread, cork. John Brooks 'Double Denim Vest'
and 'Takahiro' (the black loosely woven scarf) Cotton and reclaimed denim.

Jennifer Bartholomew
Jennifer Bartholomew. ‘Boro’ Terracotta, recycled denim, wool, found branch, wood ’frog’ from the Gabo Island pier.

Penelope Durston and Maricor/Maricar
Penelope Durston 'Stockings for an Indigo dyer's wife' Hand knitted in denim yarn (ingosol dye, cotton). Maricor/Maricar, 'Echo'. Denim and cotton thread.

Dell Stewart
Dell Stewart. 'X marks the spot' Bleached denim, eyelets, string.

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