Saturday, September 3, 2011

Renilde De Peuter

As an artist it's kind of a nightmare to imagine, an artwork sent to be exhibited and being lost on the way. I still feel a little ill when I think about this, even more worrying is the idea that it is permanently lost. I am hoping that it will turn up after a long, slow journey across the blue ocean, it should with this title and story!


The Blue Path.

I called this series The Blue Path because it is a work in progress and can be seen as a sort of journey to imaginary worlds and landscapes, similar to the Bildungsroman in which the protagonist is searching for meaning and harmony.
During this project I worked very intuitively, I've changed course many times, and removed parts or reinterpreted meanings to integrate them in the story, like for example the Three Golden Fleeces that finally constitute the pivot of this quest, this eternal search for the unknown.
This series of works is mainly made of recycled materials, the base being my own worn-out jeans, which in itself is already a landscape. My own personal landscape even, which gives the series a certain sense of continuity.
The most worn-out, and thus the most interesting parts, the knees, form the base for the eclipse and the ship in the middle of the ocean surrounded by St Elmo's Fire.
This motive of St. Elmo's Fire returns in almost every tile. It evolves from something narrative, something pictural to something more abstract, to ultimately even result in a simple woven pattern.

Bon Voyage to all :^)

Such beautiful work from Renilde. I am so glad there are photos to show at least. Here are some, and some more on her blog.




  1. Love Renilde's work. She has an aesthetic that is entirely her own :) It's sad it still hasn't turned up, I was hoping there'd been some good news... maybe soon, you never know. Kx

  2. love those hairy ones. i hope they are found at some point!

  3. I've looked at Renilde's blog for a while now, and love her artwork, it's sublime... The work using the knees is exquisite!

  4. It's arrived! Yay! Check out exhibition details here