Thursday, July 28, 2011

Julie Floersch

Julie Floersch. Denim on denim
Julie Floersch. Denim on denim.

Julie Floersch was one of the first people I contacted for this exhibition. I instantly fell in love with the insane detail and subtlety of these geometric pieces, with their awe-inspiring amounts of work and
stunning origami-like patterns. The various shades of indigo repeated across the surface, fading in and out like the recycled jeans they are pieced from. SO, It is with sorrow that I announce she will no longer have work in the exhibition due to difficulties with international shipping. Her work will however still feature in the catalogue which is available from the gallery during the exhibition, and online SOON.

Julie Floersch. Denim.
Julie Floersch. Denim Interwoven.

'This was the first quilt I ever made. It’s a 5,000+ piece quilt of insanity that I decided to entirely hand sew and hand quilt together. I thought it would only take me a few months to make from start to finish, but the pattern alone took me a month. I ended up taking it with me almost everywhere I went. It traveled with me on a West Coast road trip, on a plane for my first vacation overseas (turns out sewing needles & snippers aren’t a problem to get through security even in a post 9/11 world…), to the park, the beach (bad idea) and through three different apartments. I even made a little map of all the different places certain blocks were sewn. In case you were wondering, I loved every minute of making this quilt'.

Julie Floersch. Indigo Pillows.
Julie Floersch. Indigo Pillows.

Julie Floersch. indigo curtains
Julie Floersch. indigo curtains (back)
Julie Floersch. Indigo curtains (front and back). 2008 / 60” x 96” / Madewell Commission.

All images courtesy of Julie Floersch.